Is there a money-back guarantee?

DirectSpace Networks offers an unconditional 3 day money back guarantee on the following services. 

-Shared Hosting Services
-Dedicated Server Services
-VPS Services
-Colocation Services

DirectSpace Networks does not provide any refunds on the following services. 

-Domain Names
-IP Addresses
-Special Order Items 

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How do I obtain my additional IPs?

Because of recent changes and depletion of the IPv4 address pool, we only include 1 IP address...

Do you own your data center?

DirectSpace Networks data center is located in the Pearl District of Downtown Portland, Oregon...

Do you support TUN/TAP/PPP interfaces?

Yes! We support the TUN/TAP/PPP interface commonly used for VPN's and other networking services....

How am I billed?

DirectSpace provides a prorated billing service. This means that all customers invoices are due...

How soon is my service activated after purchase?

AFTER PROPER VALIDATION, and receipt of payment, your account is usually setup within the same...