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Can I upgrade my VPS resources anytime?

You can upgrade your VPS service anytime without any downtime to your server. This includes CPU, RAM as well as Hard Drive Space. We simply pro rate you for your additional resources. Please submit a ticket to our technical support...

Do you support TUN/TAP/PPP interfaces?

Yes! We support the TUN/TAP/PPP interface commonly used for VPN's and other networking services. These feautures can now be activated instantly from within the dsVPS control panel at https://vps.directspace.net  

How am I billed?

DirectSpace provides a prorated billing service. This means that all customers invoices are due on the 1st of each month. Because of this, you will either pay more or less depending what day of the month it is. 1st - 19th = less...

How do I access my DirectPanel VPS control panel?

To access your control panel, simply point your browser to http://vps.directspace.net. Your login details have been included in your welcome email.

How do I access my VPS server via SSH?

The way to install a lot of services and scripts involves accessing your server via SSH (Secure SHell).  This can be done easily with a free program called PuTTY.   Step 1:  Download the correct version of PuTTY for your Operating...

How do I install ClamAV on my Linux VPS?

This is going to have to be the easiest way to install ClamAV and get the best support.  Please wait and you'll be redirected to the ClamAV Linux installation page. //

How do I obtain my additional IPs?

Because of recent changes and depletion of the IPv4 address pool, we only include 1 IP address assigned by default with all our VPS packages. To obtain your secondary IP, please submit a ticket to our Technical Support department stating...

Where is your SLA and AUP located?

Click on a link to view the document in a new window. ACCEPTABLE USER POLICY SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT NOTE: With our ever changing product line specials, we supply product specific amended policies upon request.