OpenVZ VPS Issue

  • Saturday, 14th April, 2012
  • 21:05pm

At this time, we are investigating an issue with our control panel software which may have a security hole in it allowing unauthorized 3rd party access. We’re currently working with the vendor to find and fix this security issue.

As a precaution, all VPS nodes have been disconnected from the network in order to ensure that customer data is safe.

We’ll update all customers once we receive more information from our vendor.

Update: All nodes are online, and we are using a new dev version of our VPS control panel software. Client's who still suffer downtime will receive an new welcome email in a timely manner, or to expedite the process please submit a ticket. Everyone's patience and understanding during this matter is greatly appreciated.

Backups are now being taken on each node to ensure protection of data for our client database.

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