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  • Wednesday, 4th August, 2010
  • 03:51am


To current and future customer of DirectSpace Networks

As you might know, we’ve been working hard around here to upgrade our current network to move on with the fast pace of the networking world.  We’ve upgraded practically everything within our core network to better handle the bandwidth requested by our customers. We’ve added network wide technology such as DDOS protection, SPAM filtering and redundant core routing.

We’re also in the process of a complete site relaunch which is due later this month. Within our new site, you will find industry standard features such as remote reboot, bandwidth graphs, auto server imaging and more!

We’ve included a short list of upcoming features and technologies below.


Core Network Setup

Redundant Core Routing With multiple 10GB capacity slots, our core routing system is set to produce a much faster response to peak network traffic curves as well as the ability to tailor bandwidth needs to customers based on the fastest path to them.

Segment Routing/Firewall We’ve split our network into multiple segments to give our customers the ability to access a special segment feature only available at DSN called Virtual Hardware Firewall. This will allow the customer to access their own “virtual” firewall and configure rules to block unwanted traffic or even give the ability to block certain traffic types such as peer 2 peer.

DDOS Protection As we look to the future, we would like to see DSN as not only a stable network environment but also stable during major attacks. We’ve taken the first major step in implementing proven DDOS protection hardware that auto mitigates multiple types of attacks. While this is always an area of growth for any company, we believe that the improvements will be noticed immediately.

Bandwidth In the past, a network (as well as DSN) was able to get by with a single ISP. However, this is not the case in today’s internet world. With constant ISP network upgrades and maintenance, it is nearly impossible to not sit in the dark at a point with any given ISP.  While costly, we’ve combined multiple ISPs, with known local routing as well as great national and international peering for faster speeds. With this implementation, we’ve also given in to some large bandwidth upgrades for both network capacity as well as having a solid and secure network at all times.

As we’re excited to get loads of more bandwidth, we’ll be announcing a major upgrade for all customers in regards to bandwidth soon.

Network Uptime Guarantee To end off this section, we would like to touch on our network uptime guarantee. While many have exploited our 100% network SLA, we feel that it is important that our customers are happy with our service. In the wake of our DDOS protection, we’ve revised our SLA to simply include downtime due to routing, network equipment failure, as well as media failure. This also includes all ISP issues that are directly connected to DSN. We will no longer provide an SLA due to network attacks for the simple fact that those who had been looking for a free service would attack our network to obtain credit.


Data Center Setup While few upgrades were needed, we’ve recently added more cooling to our DC in order to keep servers running cool. We’ve implemented airflow circulation patterns throughout the DC in order to provide for a more even cooling environment. Added in the mix is also a full featured environment monitoring system to alert techs of any potential issues with the cooling environment.


End User Setup

New Site While still being developed, we’re in the process of deploying one of our most user friendly and useful websites yet. We’re reconfiguring all systems to provide for more bandwidth as well as more reliable features and most importantly lower prices!

ePortal While our ePortal has been nothing more than an out of box setup, we’ve invested many programming hours into our new launch to include industry features such as bandwidth graphs (available now), remote reboot as well as imaging software for all dedicated systems.  

Support Possibly the most successful part of any hosting data center is their support. Offer the best in support, and you’re on top.  We understand and realize that this area has always been a constant struggle for DSN and that’s why we are investing a heavy portion of our capital into designing an awesome support environment for our customers. Not only are we going to reinstate a TRUE 10 minute support ticket reply but we are hiring more techs to be available at all times, at the data center and on the phone with no hold time. We’re 100% committed to getting support up to above the best of standards and we will prove this by implementing the best guarantee out there… 10 minute or 1 phone call pickup or you get a 100% monthly credit!

To add on, along with our site deployment, we’ll have a completely revamped live chat system that will give you the ability to contact us 24 hours a day, guaranteed.

More Bandwidth, Lower Cost Since our most recent bandwidth upgrades, we’ve chosen to go through the process of upgrading all customers to a full 1Gbps Uplink. Most systems are upgraded and the others will soon be upgraded as well.


In closing, our hope is to provide our customer with the best data center experience out there. We’re serious about our focus on a fast and reliable network coupled with first place support and service.

We look forward to working with you into the future.


Edward Evi

DSN Team






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