Recent Network Related Issue

  • Friday, 28th January, 2011
  • 08:31am

To DSN Customers


Todays recent downtime was due to a bad fiber card in our core router. The caused both of our BGP sessions to fall in and out of their established connections thus the packet loss. The path we took was to bind both links to an available fiber card. This did take some time as we have over 200 subnets and VLANs to manually move over. At this point, the network is running properly and we are experiencing no packet loss or latency.

In accordance with our network SLA, we will be issuing a credit to all customers who apply for one. We ask that all customers submit for a credit beginning Monday the 31st.

We apologize for any issues this has caused anyone. We are working hard on our side to mitigate such issues.

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